Fix-R Liquid

Liquid FibreGlass

Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing Systems are a new hybrid polymer liquid waterproofing system based on alpha-hybrid silane terminated polyether technology.

Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing Systems exceed most performance criteria for polyurethane, PMMA and other solvent based systems, and also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with these products.

Advantages and Benefits of Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing Systems

* Cost effective wet-on-wet application

* Minimum wastage – unused product can be stored and reused

* Water repellent on application

* Ready to use, single liquid component

* Can be recoated

* Can be applied all year round above 0 degree Centigrade

* Strong adhesion to most conventional substrates

* Resistant to standing water

* Virtually odourless

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